Reservoir For The Restless

from by Forgotten Ocean

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The fourth track from Forgotten Ocean's debut EP titled 'Not This Year'.


Blind gaze. Distant haze.
Another hand to turn the page.
Oh, won't you tell me so I can know?
Tell me, please, how the story goes.

Pray, child, pray for the rain to /
Fill up this basin and wash away our /
Fear, child, and pray for the sun to /
Keep us from darkness and stop the eternal /
Sleep, child, sleep away pain /
Let this world heal you from that which we have /
Done, child, you can't run away but /
I have been cursed to endlessly -

Roam / And I roam
And I search / For my home
Through the hurt.

Keep the roses / red and live while you're / young.
Fake it all you / want; always pressing / on.
Hold your colour don't / let your blood run / clear.
Go back to the / place where you belong.

Pray, child, pray for the rain to /
Trickle down creek beds and fill our hopes and /
Dreams, child, and pray for the sun to /
Burn away those who would wish us to never /
Wake, child, mourning is free /
Take all you know. the ebb and flow is unseen /
Child, it's nothing to me for /
I have been cursed to endlessly roam.


from Not This Year, track released October 9, 2016
Drums, Bass, Vocals - Matt Bond
Guitar, Backing Vocals - Andrew Consolino

Lyrics by Matt Bond and Andrew Consolino

Recording, Mixing & Mastering by Andrew Consolino




Forgotten Ocean Melbourne, Australia

An independent musical duo originating in Melbourne, Victoria. Comprised of Matt Bond and Andrew Consolino.

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